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Receiving Notice

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Dear customers, suppliers and delivery team:

        According to the feedback, the warehouse is expected to be unlock on April 16, 2022 (the specific time will be notified). Please pay attention to the following before delivery parcel to warehouse:

       1. All personnel who entering  Must with a negative green health code for nucleic acid test(PCR) within 48 hours, wear a mask, and scan the itinerary code and body temperature of the security guard;

        2. All trucks from other provinces need to report in advance to enter. Beside this, they need to be disinfected before enter. Medium and high-risk vehicles with stars must be sealed, driver and passengers are not allowed to get off. There are special toilets for prevention and control, and supervised by special personnel. The specific requirements for epidemic prevention and control will be adjusted as needed;

    3. Since the specific unlock time on April 16 is to be determined, recommended start delivery to  warehouse from April 17.

      Thank for your support and cooperation