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21/09/22 West Malaysia Shipping Price Decrease

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Start from19/9/2022, shipping fee will decrease:

1. West Malaysia shipping fees decrease  RM 15/m3

2. Sabah Slow Sea Shipement decrease RM 54/m3

3. Sabah Fast Sea Shipement decrease RM 42/m3

4. Sarawak Slow Sea Shipement decrease RM 33/m3

5. Sarawak Fast Sea Shipement decrease RM 2/m3

6. Small parcel by sea for West Malaysia

       First 1kg down RM1

       2.01 to 10.01 reduced RM0.5 per kg

       Above 10.01 RM0.2 per kg

7. Yiwu to West  Malaysia Shipping fees

       Normal goods decrease RM 180 

       Sensitive goods decrease RM 210