Shipping and Forwarding: From China to Malaysia

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Shipping and Forwarding: From China to Malaysia

1. Normal Courier:

1) Destination Tariff: If the package weight of the goods is within 25KG, the size of the outer box is not more than 30CM and the declared value is not more than RM500, Customer Tax will be exempted.

The chances that tax would be imposed upon is extremely low, but when the product value exceeds RM500, the customer has to bear all custom taxes.

2)Air shipping is divided into two channels: Normal Goods and Sensitive Goods.

3) The parcel dimension volume is the size of the product’s outer box (length CM x height CM x width CM ÷ 6000);

4) The actual weight refers to the actual weight of the parcel (not product weight);

5) Shipping fees is calculated based on each waybill (order).

6) Air Express restrictions (Terms of Use) :

      a40KG Maximum weight: single parcel cannot exceed 40KG;

      b Maximum size: single parcel does not exceed 120cm x 80cm x 80cm

      cIf the package exceeds any of the above restrictions (i) & (ii), an additional RM1/ KG + RM100/ order is required.


2. Sea Shipment:


1) Sea Shipping provides home delivery services;

2) EGC56provides whole container custom clearance service. If interested, please contact our customer service for further information; 

3) The minimum volume is 0.3 cubic meters, and the minimum unit for billing is 0.1 cubic meters (i.e. 0.325 cubic meters is charged at 0.4 cubic meters).

4)  Cubic billing method: commodity / goods' outer box size (long CM × high CM × wide CM ÷ 1000000 = cubic number).

5)  Overweight billing method will be used if 1 cubic meter exceeds 400KG.

       (Example: if product size is 1 cubic, but its weight is 1,000KG; 1000 ÷ 400KG = 2.5 cubic x cubic fee)




1.If your parcel weighs less than 40KG, customers are suggested to use the small parcel measurement method (calculated by weight in KG).
2.shipping duration just for reference only, and do not responsible for any delays such as shipment or flight delay, customs clearance delays, weather, third-party delivery problems, etc. that affect the shipping duration.