Restrictions on Transportation and Compensation Standards

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 Liability of Forwarding Service: China to Malaysia and Malaysia to China

A. Sensitive Goods and Prohibited Goods.

1. Customers shall bear all responsibility for any sensitive goods that were disguised as general cargo and are detained by customs. 

For example: The parcels with batteries through normal air shipping method is considered disguising sensitive goods as general cargo. If it is seized by customs, customers have to pay the fine and wait for customs to verify the entire batch. Refunds are not guaranteed.

2. The company only handles goods on the customers’ behalf and does not bear any legal liabilities that arise from illegal goods and the dishonest reporting of goods (e.g. cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, weapons). Customers shall bear all responsibilities for the delivery of all restricted items that are banned from the country.

3. EGC56 does not provide any "payment upon arrival of parcel" or "payment upon pick-up" services;

* Note: The company only acts as an agent and are not to be held responsible for any illegal decisions and actions by the customers.

4. Please refer to In the freight terms Differences between Normal & Sensitive Goods for more details about classifying your parcel.

B. Compensation Requirements and Details

1. The corresponding product name of the goods must be stated clearly on the invoice. If the item is not declared, it will be not meet the requirements for the compensation. EGC56 has the right to cancel your order and request you to retrieve your parcel.

2. When a lost parcel has been reported, we will conduct an investigation on all participating parties from the freight forwarder, warehouse operator and local delivery team.

2.1  Customer must inform Customer Service within 7 days  after signing the receipt and provide the following information:

i. Delivery Note with remarks about broken packages or missing parts

ii. Photos or videos of damaged, missing parcel or parcel during received

iii. Parcel weight photo
Photoor video of packaging upon received

For the case more than 7 days, we does not accept appeals

3. Based on the investigation, if the missing parcel truly occurred during the delivery process, the claimable value of the lost good will be compensated. Compensation value is according to the item’s value on the invoice (up to USD100), or 3 times of the shipping fee, whichever is the lowest. 

4. If all requirements and conditions for the compensation for a lost parcel are met, EGC56 will process and transfer the compensation to the customer’s account within two weeks.

5. Switched or Wrong Parcel:

Refund will be available if it is EGC56’s fault. We will resend the item without any extra charges to the customer.

6. Item Went Missing in the Warehouse:

Refund will be available if the warehouse fails to locate your parcel (parcel was confirmed to be received by the warehouse). A maximum compensation of USD100 will be provided.

7.  Compensation will not be provided by egc56 for the conditions below:

        a) Items that were not or falsely declared before shipping;

        b) Loss of parcel by courier or transportation service from seller before the parcel arrives at the warehouse.

        c) As the parcel has not been opened, customers will not be able to claim compensation when items are found to be missing during repackaging (including seller sending less items, loss of items during delivery from the seller to EGC56 warehouse, etc.) if repackaging is requested.

        d) The customer’s own negligence or false declaration of information.  

        No compensation and/or refunds will be provided for items that are detained by customs due to it being prohibited, has the wrong product info in the declaration or extra declaration fees (if any).

        e) Rejected by customs / On hold.

            -Once prohibited items or sending sensitive items through the normal goods shipping method are discovered by customs, EGC56 will not provide refunds and/or take responsibility.

           - Customers are required to ensure the shipped item is legal and are required to declare the item accordingly. As the item(s) have to be repackage after being rejected by customs, customers will have to bear all additional costs to release and/or reship the item. (Customers who have this issue regularly will be blacklisted by our company.)



If the goods are damaged on the way, the customer need to bear the risks. All fragile items are excluded from compensation.

It is suggested that customers inform sellers to pack the fragile items appropriately and labelled them clearly, or select our wood crate service to avoid crushing when handling parcels or during shipping.