Air Freight Weight Calculation

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Weight Calculation:

If the goods weigh 1.2KG, we will charge the price for 2KG as the air freight fee.

The air freight fee will be calculated using either actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is heavier. What is volumetric weight? Volumetric weight is calculated based on height, width and length.


Example 1

Goods’ actual weight: 1KG

Goods’ volumetric weight: 25KG x 20KG x 30KG

Volumetric Weight = (25 x 20 x 30)/6000
= 2.5KG


If your good’s actual weight is 1.5KG, and the receipt shows 1.5KG, but the volumetric weight is 4.6KG, charges will be based on 5KG.

Please be aware of this to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Why does volumetric weight calculation exist?

Due to the fact that air freight shipment is done by plane, there is limited storage. 

If most of us ship items like toys and plastic items, it will take up a lot of space. However, the weight is actually very light.

Thus, air freight companies set this rule for volumetric weight calculation.